Victorian Line Dance Association Incorporated (A0003822180)


VLDA workshops are held several times a year in conjunction with meetings and only VLDA members are eligible to participate and attend. CDs licenced for instructors are available for order and/or purchase at each workshop or by emailing the address below.. VLDA members can use this page to see what dances were taught at a particular workshop and what dances appear on each workshop CD.

Contact: Lorraine Hillard

Workshops (click on the VLDA CD # for track listing)

February 9th 2020 (Yarraville)  

February 12th 2018 (Werribee)  

August 12th 2017 (Avondale Heights)

May 13th 2017 (Ormond)

February 11th 2017 (North Geelong)

November 5th 2016 (Ringwood East)